Mountain Lion Hunting

We are one of Arizona’s most experienced mountain lion hunting outfitter and guide families, having guided countless successful dry ground mountain lion hunts since the late 1960’s. Our mountain lion or cougar hunts are done from horseback or mules following a pack of extremely determined hound dogs in the mountains of Arizona. We do not rely on snow as our hounds have been bred and trained to follow lions strictly by scent. Our horses are mountain raised, surefooted and gentle. We have raised and trained our own lion hounds for 50+ years and use them for mountain lion hunting exclusively. If you consider seeing good dog work any part of the lion hunting experience, then this is the hunt for you. Our success rates are very high and the experience is second to none. Our guided mountain lion hunting trips are available year around and licenses and tags are available over the counter when you get here, so let’s go lion hunting.