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Dieringer Outfitters LLC Testimonials

Dieringer Outfitters LLC Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Parker Hines

Dec 2022 - Pine, AZ

Dieringer Outfitters went above and beyond to provide an experience that was truly exceptional which satisfied every part of my once in a lifetime hunt. Brent, Todd and Rustin took me in and treated me like family which felt like the traditional Midwest style of hunting I grew up in. They have a vast breath of knowledge when it comes to anything AZ hunting and was able to provide me the right opportunity to bag my dream ram. If I would have attempted the hunt myself I would still be out in the mountains lost. Dieringer Outfitters will be the only folks I trust to help me get the job done right if I am fortunate enough to draw another tag. I cannot thank y'all enough because I could not have done it without you.


Sam and Scotty,

What a great hunting experience I had with you chasing after a lion. It just could have not been any better in my opinion.  The quality of the well trained and conditioned horses made the riding truly enjoyable even though I had not set a saddle in two years. I would come and ride with you anytime you needed a companion just for the sheer joy of a ride!

I did get the lion checked in so all worked out to get that done on Friday.  Thanks for skinning and making that possible so as not having to re-freeze the skin.

I would be more than happy to be used as a reference for the hunt you provide in southwestern USA.

Thanks again for a wonderful 4 days of enjoying the great outdoors with great people, horses, and yes the musical choir of the dogs on a track.

Floyd Green

Floyd Green


Michael Vargas

Dear Sam,

Thank you very much for the fantastic guiding and outfitting services that you provided me on my pronghorn buck antelope hunt in Arizona. I would definitely recommend your services to any hunters or outdoorsmen with all levels of experience. I will not think twice about hiring Dieringer Outfitters for any future hunting trips that require an experienced guide with a high level of proficiency in the field coupled with quality customer service.

I felt very fortunate to have gotten drawn for buck antelope and was aware of how rare it was to get the opportunity. With that in mind, I knew that I needed to take the occasion seriously and find a guide that offered exemplary services. I know now that I definitely made the right decision in choosing Dieringer Outfitters. With your help, the goat that I bagged was a beautiful trophy. You helped me understand what I needed to do to prepare myself for the hunt and in the field, you offered me expert advice that was invaluable in making my shot count!

Experiencing this big game hunt with Dieringer Outfitters is something that I’ll never forget. You have a great understanding of the Arizona backcountry and of hunting big game. Anybody who is looking for superior customer service, very competitive rates, and a high-quality guiding experience that is very rewarding should choose Dieringer Outfitters. Thank you for the memories!

David Virostko

It goes without saying that the Dieringers are extremely good hunters and have definitely earned their trophies.

Scott Vail

After beating the odds and drawing a desert sheep tag in 2000 with far less than maximum points the likely hood of drawing a Rocky Mountain Sheep tag in the same state of Arizona was very slim. In 2012 a grand total of 13 tags were up for grabs. I, with a total of 14 bonus points, pulled off the unlikely and drew one of the three late tags in Units 27/28. The hunt was on.

Like many modern-day hunters, the first path was pouring through the numerous hunting websites looking for information on hunts and resources that would help ensure a successful hunt. It wasn’t long before I started to receive outfitter information in the mail including Dieringer Outfitters. Over the next couple of months, I had identified numerous contacts through online stories, the Desert Sheep Clinic as well as days in the field.

The one name that I consistently got the same response of “integrity”, “knows the area”, “loves to hunt” and “just an all-around good guy” was Sam Dieringer of Dieringer Outfitters. Without ever personally meeting Sam I knew he was the guy!

Sam’s guidance, knowledge of the area, and more importantly sheep knowledge made him invaluable. My 72-year-old father and a couple of friends that volunteered to help had a great trip thanks to the generosity of Sam and the resources he had available to allow them to participate in the hunt. Sam has an uncanny ability to spot and judge sheep as well as the experience to walk you through the decision of the sheep you chose to harvest. I was able to harvest a beautiful ram on the third day of the hunt and again Sam proved to be invaluable in recovering the Ram and getting him down the mountain.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable outfitter that functions with respect and integrity I would highly recommend Dieringer Outfitters (Sam). Sam will be the first call I make when one of my boys gets his shot at hunting sheep in Arizona.

Buck Waterfield

I have hunted Mule Deer all over the west and Canada on my own and with outfitters, in 2012 I drew a unite 27 late-season Mule Deer tag and after talking with many outfitters in the area I went with Dieringer Outfitters. Sam runs a first-class operation and his hunting skills are unsurpassed, I was very impressed with his spotting skills and his knowledge of the area and game, he works hard for you to find the type of trophy you are looking for.

I would highly recommend Dieringer Outfitters to anyone looking for a top outfitter in Arizona; I am looking forward to my next hunt with Sam.

Wayne Taysom

My daughter Tina and I had the privilege of being guided by Scotty Dieringer of Dieringer Outfitters on a cougar hunt in eastern Arizona to complete my Arizona big ten. Two packs of talented dogs and eight of the most athletic and gentle horses were utilized. We departed camp at daylight and before dark several thousand acres were scouted for cougar sign. This hunt was definitely a 5 (Five) experience from start to finish and is ranked one of my great lifetime hunt experiences.

P.S. We treed two mature lions and my Az 10 is now complete.

Corey Rossi

I hunted with Dieringer Outfitters last year (late Nov/early Dec) and had an outstanding experience. Sam is pleasant, professional, and very well acquainted with his area and its associated wildlife. Believe it or not, due to my business schedule I ended up at Sam’s place with only one day to hunt. Even with my very tight schedule, Sam managed to show me three different bucks that morning. His ability to spot Coues deer is unbelievable!

I showed up at Sam’s place with my rifle, daypack, and normal hunting gear (clothes, boots, binos, range-finder, knives, etc.) and Sam took care of the rest. I would recommend being prepared for a rather chilly 4-wheeler ride first thing in the morning, but the temperature was nice after the sun came up.

In conclusion, my hunt with Sam Dieringer was a top-quality experience with a top-notch individual. I have already recommended him to several of my hunting friends.

Good luck!



I just wanted to tell you thanks for the great hunt. It was fantastic! I couldn’t be happier with my experience, even though it got just a little cool… I wouldn’t trade any part of it. My taxidermist up in Parawan used his Rackulator on Mr. Big, and gave him a rough 184” score. When I showed him and his son the picture of the one I shot 13 years ago, his son said, “This one is going to look like a king next to him!” It is a fantastic deer, and the way it all went was awesome...

On my way home I stopped at the Bass Pro Shop and bought a new archery target. I’m serious about the Unit 9 elk hunt, so I’ll be in touch after the holidays when the elk draw starts.

I hope you had a good hunt too. Good luck with the rest of your season and have a great Thanksgiving hunting. I’ll be wishing I was hunting too...

Don Herrin

To say that my hunting mule deer in Arizona with Sam Dieringer this past fall was preceded by a series of lucky coincidences is a minor understatement. First, I had mistakenly applied for the early hunt in12B rather than the late hunt and been drawn. Next, based on advice from a friend, I contacted a local taxidermist who recommended two individuals based on the outstanding deer that they consistently brought to his shop. The first one I contacted was unavailable for my hunt, and the second was Sam, who had an opening at that time. I had considered dropping the hunt due to the early dates, but luckily Sam convinced me the hunt had good potential.

Everyone who hunts knows it's good to be lucky but for this particular hunt I can say that my luck was not with the killing of my buck, but as can be seen, it was with the selection of my guide. The killing of my buck did not have a whole lot to do with luck, but rather with Sam's dedication to his craft and the fact that he takes extreme pride in what he does. In all my years of hunting, he is one of only two guides I have ever hunted with who combine all the traits necessary to take quality game on a consistent basis. He's physically capable. He knew his game. He knew the area we were hunting intimately and pre-scouted extensively. Finally, he understands that glassing is the name of the game and his persistence and abilities with his optics are as good as anyone I have ever hunted with.

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